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 2010 Federal Tax W/H increase

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PostSubject: 2010 Federal Tax W/H increase   Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:45 pm

I noticed an increase of approximately $9.00 in my Federal W/H tax on my pension statement for March 2010.
I phoned Benefits and 'she' said the tax schedule was changed in March and that is why the increase of the Fed W/H.
I told her I didn't beleive I received a notice regarding this increase when I received my March statement. She said she didn't know if a memo was included with statement or not.
(I think Citi might be out-sourcing, when we call for info about pensions, etc. Just my opinion, as I couldn't understand the girl I was speaking to.)
She said I could change it back to what it was previously (in Jan. and Feb.) and I told her to go ahead and do that. I don't need any more money taken out of my monthly payment.
After all, I am always getting money back from the IRS because of my quarterly estimated tax payments; so why should I pay them more (even if it is only $9.32 a month - $111.84 per year).
If you want to verify/confirm above, you can call Benefits and ask them your own questions and make your own decisions.

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2010 Federal Tax W/H increase
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