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 Current economy woes

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PostSubject: Current economy woes   Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:08 pm

What are your concerns about the current economy crisis?
What are you worried about most?

Invested money
IRA account
Pension Plan

Post your concerns and worries so others can respond and voice their concerns.
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PostSubject: Problems all over the place   Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:23 pm

Wherever you look, there is a problem...
It seems every CEO of a company is making an abnormally large salary, plus bonuses; and severance pay, including huge pensions.
When are these things going to be brought to normal? Citizens and stockholders should be approving all these bonuses, before they are paid out. Why is it only the officers of the companies vote on their own pay raises, bonuses, etc.?
It appears that the same thing is happening in our government. Congressmen and senators vote themselves huge benefits.
Why did we let this happen?
Why are illegal aliens getting free benefits, while Americans (who have fallen on hard times); senior citizens and wounded servicemen and women can't get free benefits, free medical, free prescriptions, and yet, all these illegal aliens receive free food, free medical, free prescriptions, etc.?
Something is really wrong here and all of these problems were bound to happen when our leaders are more concerned with their own agenda rather than caring for the people of this once great country.
Just my thoughts.
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Current economy woes
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