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 Illegal Immigrants

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PostSubject: Illegal Immigrants   Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:23 pm

I find it very hard going to the supermarket with my wife and noticing young able bodied men in front of us on the check-out line speaking only Spanish and then giving the cashier a "Benefits" card which allows them to get their groceries (which were close to $200) for free. He paid absolutely nothing for his groceries. My wife noticed that the "Benefits" card had the picture of a woman on it. I told my wife I couldn't explain it. She said he probably lives with the woman and is the father of her children but they are not married. That is how his wioman gets these FREE benefits. As I understand it, the blue "Benefits" card allows them to get FREE food, FREE prescriptions, FREE medical and god knows what else. What bothers me the most is that my taxes are paying for the program. There are also elderly Americans who can't afford to pay for their groceries and prescriitions, etc., and have to take only half their medication in order to buy food. And all the time, there are more illegal aliens coming into the USA and immediatley getting these FREE benefits. Something is wrong somewhere, whouldn't you say? No wonder our taxes are so high. And all the time, these illegal aliens are laughing at us for paying for our food and everything else, while they get everything for free, have more children, don't marry, pay no taxes, etc., etc.
I am just sick of it. I am glad I got this out of my system. I'm sure there are those people who will say that these illegal aliens deserve it. And I would ask them "WHY"? They are here illegally and doing nothing to help this country. Period!
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Illegal Immigrants
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